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Contact Information

Becca Hardy

Long Biography

Becca grew up in a remote part of Nova Scotia where starry nights, fireflies, and the serenity of the seacoast made for a magical childhood–so magical, in fact, she once encountered a UFO hovering over her family’s private beach.

But, Becca had been a science fiction fan long before her encounter. From the campy Star Trek that sparked her curiosity to the eloquent Space 1999 that fueled her imagination, she submersed herself in the fantastic and mysterious at a very young age.

Becca dabbled in writing as a child, adolescent, and young adult, longing for a career as a full time writer. But, it wasn’t until 2012, after a successful career of assisting other authors and speakers, she got serious about her own work.

Fueled by heavy metal and FrostBite, Becca spends most of her time today behind her steel tanker desk dedicated to her Severxance Living Legacy saga. Book one in the series, The Warren, debuted August 17, 2014.

Tag Line:

Becca Hardy is a science fiction writer in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

Short Bio:

Becca Hardy is a science fiction writer whose work includes the Severxance Living Legacy saga. She lives in Salisbury, Massachusetts. The Warren is her first novel.  You can learn more about Becca at

Fun Facts

Becca grew up in a tiny fishing village in a remote area of Nova Scotia.  A private beach in her backyard, lots of stargazing, and plenty of fireflies to chase made for a pretty magical childhood and a great place to fuel a young girl’s imagination.

Becca has had a long time appreciation for superheroes and super sleuths.  As a kid, she watched Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Batman & Robin to name a few. Nancy Drew, Space 1999’s Dr. Helena Russell, and X-Files’ Dana Scully are some of her favorite female leads. Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, and Millennium’s Frank Black are on her favorite male lead list.

Becca’s favorite movie is Mary Harron’s American Psycho. Her favorite TV show is Chris Carter’s Millennium.

No surprise to Severxance fans, Becca loves heavy metal.  Her favorite band is Megadeth. The character, Dane Price, was inspired by Megadeth rock god Dave Mustaine.

A child of the eighties, Becca grew up with a love and appreciation for old school video games—her first console being an Intellivision.  She was also fond of arcade games like Ms. Pac Man and Galaga.

Becca has a soft spot for animals and would love to see animal testing and cruelty wiped off the face of planet Earth. Becca’s two dogs, Ginger and Nova, both served as the inspiration for the character Ginger.  Becca’s cat, Mr. Pud, served as the inspiration for Herr Hep Cat (Herry for short).

Becca has a strong interest in transhumanism and follows the work of pioneers like Google’s Ray Kurzweil.

Book List

SEVERXANCE Living Legacy Saga

Book One: The Warren

  • ISBN: 978-1-312-27640-6
  • Publishing Date: July, 2014
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