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August, 2014 | Salisbury, MA

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Local Author Declares Independence with Debut Science Fiction Novel

How does memory shape our reality? That’s the provocative premise behind local author, Becca Hardy’s debut novel The Warren, book one in the SEVERXANCE Living Legacy Saga.

The Warren begins in Lulworth Cove, England, 1348, where alien Foster Luck washes up on Earth with no plans, no memory, and no way home. While Luck is left holding an infant whose parents died in the teleport accident, his two travel companions go their separate ways. One’s on a mission, one was forced here against his will, and neither want anything to do with him. Foster raises the boy, Quinn, as his own. But it isn’t until Quinn hunts him down in his next lifetime that Foster realizes how inseparable they’ve become. While Quinn reincarnates, Foster’s alien body seems invincible—maybe immortal. He’s also carrying a mysterious bio program in his head that keeps track of his circle of friends. Over the course of 666 years, Foster and Quinn work on the Warren Project—learning why the aliens came to Earth and how to build them a way home. But the deeper Quinn looks in the project, the more questions he has about himself, his circle of friends, and Ever, the woman he can’t live without.

Often witty, sometimes gritty, the saga’s charm lies in the camaraderie of down to earth characters not afraid to take on out-of-this-world ideas. A timeless adventure caught between science and belief, The Warren allows adult readers to explore new possibilities in teleportation while pondering philosophical questions about immortality and identity through characters who refuse to give up.

Midwest Book Review, a reputable book review service established in 1976, had this to say: “A story that combines the best of alien investigations and human affairs to take hard sci fi to a whole new level. The Warren proves one of those compelling, cant-put-it-down reads you’ll feel sorry to see end.”

Hardy is already looking forward to producing more books in the series, with plans for book two to be available sometime next year.  More than anything, she is enjoying being an independent author. “After doing a lot of research on indie publishing, I really feel it is the way to go.  I like the idea of having full control of my story, making a higher profit, and publishing on my own timeline,” says Hardy. “Most traditional publishing houses leave a lot of the editing and marketing work to the authors anyway.”

The Warren is currently available for sale as an eBook through Amazon Kindle and will be available through Apple’s iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, and Lulu later this year.

Hardy lives in Salisbury, MA with her two daughters.  She is available for interviews, presentations, and media appearances. For more information on Becca and the SEVERXANCE Living Legacy Saga visit


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