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    Rebecca Hardy

    A place to discuss Frye Peter’s video games, Crystal Skullz. Editions include:

    • Crystal Skullz (8-bit – introduced in the 1980’s)
    • Crystal Skullz 1.0 (introduced in the 1990’s with high res graphics)
    • Crystal Skullz Live (introduced in 2014 with holographic images and laser tag)
    • Crystal Skullz: Women & Children First (introduced in 2014)
    • Crystal Skullz: Alienation – Rise of the Metal Heads (introduced in 2014)
    Characters include:
    • Cav Conrad: Navy SEAL hero
    • Fancy Jack Royal: a pirate with an oar leg
    • Dr. Demo: a “self made” woman and recovering zombie
    • Freeza Burn: a domestic goddess
    • Crack Head: a depressed teenage boy with a cracked crystal skull for a head
    • Sly Clops: a one-eyed cat burgaler
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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