In alphabetical order.


    • Camp Hero: HQ of the US government’s secret Warren Project located in Montauk, NY.
    • Harvard Book Store: A bookstore located on Mass Ave. in The Hub of the Universe.
    • Last Resort: Home of Quinn Stevens, a former resort located in Nahant, MA converted into a sprawling mansion covering more than 100,000 square feet.
    • Marchive: Sanjay’s underground SHTF bunker, arsenal, and maniacal archive of all things weird and wonderful. Located in New Delhi, India.
    • MAXTECH, INC.: Max Matthews’ HQ, complete with offices, computer lab, panic room, and Board Room. Across the street from QUEST, INC. and connected by a street bridge.
    • -Q-U-E-ST-, INC.: Quinn E. Steven’s HQ, a sprawling mixed-use complex with offices, laboratories, INDIE, and executive penthouses in the heart of the Hub.
      • INDIE: Vegan restaurant & bar at the ground floor of QUEST, INC.
        • Jupiter: Massive bar in INDIE.
        • Pluto: A dining table in INDIE reserved for QUEST INC. parties only.
      • Pharm Farm: Former site of a pharmaceutical company that becomes the second home of QUEST, INC.
    • Rake Shack Road: Home to an off-grid cabin somewhere in Maine, belonging to one of Dane’s Price’s friends from the 80’s.
    • Salisbury Beach: Most northern coastal town in Massachusetts. Located on the Great Marsh.
    • WELL WELL INC. (The Zoo): Home to Dane Price’s chemistry lab.
      • Roam: Dane Price’s tour bus, and home, on wheels
      • The Hanger: The Zoo’s warehouse, workshop, poker club, and band practice area.


    • Club Hero: Dane’s secret night club.
    • Iris: A space station hidden by a cloaking shield.
    • Umbra: A small and mysterious icy moon fixed in a permanent eclipse.