Why Read The Warren?

Science, drugs, and rock and roll.

A smart and witty drama of hard science fiction written in an Edisonade-style, The Warren delivers:

Reason #1: Big ideas. Reincarnation, immortality, teleportation, a holographic multiverse, demi gods … annnnd everything in your reality is controlled by memory. As Quinn Stevens would say: “Why go small?”

Reason #2: A Dream Team. The best cast of characters to hit science fiction since the Avengers: aliens, geniuses, and top secret military agents. From geeks to rock gods—they all deliver.  Even the fur balls.

Reason #3: Pigeons. Yes, pigeons. The central character, Quinn, is a modern day Tesla with a pigeon to prove it.  Everyone loves the pigeon.

Reason #4: Tech. Mind-blowing technology you won’t see coming.  Get your geek on and imagine if nerds took over the world.

Reason #5: Puzzles and games. We haven’t had this much fun since Ms. Pac Man made her debut.

Reason #6: Fun. Laser sharp wit and wisdom make for blush-worthy banter. These characters weren’t built with censor buttons.

Reason #7: A Timeless Plot. Immortality never gets old.

Reason #8: Selfies. Yes, we’ve given new meaning to the word Selfie.  Brace yourselfies.

Reason #9: Mind Games. Admit it. Messing with people is fun.

Reason #10: Heavy Metal. Headbanger or not, you’ll have a ball.

Reason #11: Classic one-linersFoster and Quinn are real characters who like to have the last word–and laugh.

Reason #12: Swagger. Some of the coolest characters around–even shaken or stirred.

Reason #13: Heroes. Brains, brawn, and beauty. These guys never give up.

Reason #14: Villains. The kind you love to hate.

Reason #15: Psychos. Who doesn’t like crazy people?

Reason #16: Love. All kinds. Friends, family, and fur balls.

Reason #17: Value. At over 276K words, you’re getting your money’s worth.

Reason #18: An easy read. The characters tell the story.

You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll hold your breath.  It’ll be awesome.  Just remember to breathe again or you’ll be wishing you had a Nanatomy machine handy.