You don’t need to know much about affiliate marketing.

  • Side Hustle, Interest, or Niche: How does this fit into your financial picture?
  • Know your income: affiliate income is taxed
  • Goals:
  • Platform: Use as many platforms as possible, from point of sales to social media.
  • Transparency: notify your visitors, members, and followers of what you are selling.
  • Legalities: Use all the QUEST marketing content and formulas, but you must agree not to modify it, other than adding your own affiliate link. Abide by internet best practices.
  • Targets: Where do Sci Fi fans hang out? Check out
  • Tools: Time is money. Use tools we do to put campaigns on auto-pilot. We have recommendations.
  • Consistency: Copy and post what we’ve already done and you will never run out of content.
  • Feedback: Help us improve campaign quality.
  • Joint Ventures: Large following? Consider teaming up with QUEST for a win-win campaign.

Blog Templates

  • Product Announcement
  • Product Review

Email Templates

  • Product Announcement
  • Book Review
  • Product Review

Social Media Templates

Remember: the more files you declassify, the more graphics you will have to work with. The easiest way to market is to forward our QUEST content to your followers and subscribers with your unique affiliate links.

Keep in mind, that Dynamo run’s the social media show as well, and is learning Earth culture as she goes.

Social Media Post Examples: January 1

Graphic Topic
New Year’s Day: Congratulations on another full yellow dwarf rotation, Earth Citizenz. Enjoy your ridiculously short lives while you still can. #severXance
National Hangover Day: Post your favorite cure-all to the INDIE Fan Art Gallery. #severXance
Public Domain Day: Just [countdown clock] Earth days until THE WARREN becomes public domain. #severXance
Universal Hour of Peace: If you could send Homer off with one message for the multiverse, what would it be? #severXance
Z Day: Describe the character, Lin-Z, to Chat GPT and post the resulting graphic to the Fan Art Gallery. #severXance
On This Day in THE WARREN: Sunday, January, 1st 2012:

  • Quinn Stevens and Foster Luck launch Plan B.
  • Quinn Stevens meets Ever Howell at the Harvard bookstore.
  • Tripp Ryan makes his first appearance.
  • #severXance